Who are Red Rock Writing?

Red Rock Writing is a business writing service based in Cork, Ireland. We are professional and effective writers and strategists for businesses who don’t have the time to write or don’t have a dedicated writing resource in-house.

What do Red Rock Writing do?

We can research, plan and write anything your business needs. Our most popular writing services are websites and blogs, SEO content, business plans, and executive ghostwriting.

Writing well is a skill. Business owners are often amazing at presenting on their topics but not so confident when writing about it. We work with clients to create writing that captures the business’s voice at its best. Clients come to us when they need to sound confident and professional.

Red Rock Writing is based in Cork, with a team working remotely through Munster. Sadhbh Warren, owner, is a writer and project manager with over 20 years’ experience in copywriting and creating content that gets results.

Why are we called Red Rock?

We weren’t always. Sadhbh founded the business as “Content and Event” in 2020 but was never gone on the name. It was functional but dull.

We wanted something to stand out. We wanted something that said rockstar writing resource. Sadhbh was thinking about all this, while listening to rock music on a beach walk, when she spotted a red rock standing out in a sea of grey pebbles. So Red Rock Writing it was!

Red Rock is also a nod to the Irish/Australian roots of the business; red is Cork’s colour and the best known red rock of them all is Uluru, or Ayer’s Rock, in Australia’s red centre.

The red rock could also be a ruby that we polish – we help businesses to clarify what matters so they can shine. We will make your words sound as good as you know your business is.

And it lets us say this with a straight face: Ready to rock? Call Red Rock.


Sadhbh Warren

Hi there, I’m Sadhbh. It’s pronounced Sive like five and, yep, it’s an old Irish name. For most of my career, in Ireland and Australia, I have had two roles; project and event manager by day and freelance writer by night.

I want to know what the writing needs to do. I am a writer who strategises solutions that work, rather than one who sends in copy and walks away.

I grew up in Cork and studied at UCC, with degrees in subjects including English, psychology, marketing, management, economics and folklore. My past roles are pretty varied; in addition to writing and project management, I have worked as an executive assistant, promotor, copywriter, traveling carnie and one of Santa’s Elves.

I’ve been lucky enough to gain experience in many different industries and across lots of different nationalities and cultures, including fifteen years working with finance, engineering and education companies in Australia.

The two strands of my career complement each other well. Project management means working with the resources and time you have for the best possible result. And businesses need writing that focuses on results.

I started this business when I moved back from Sydney to Cork in 2019. Every year we help more Irish businesses achieve their goals. Most days you’ll find me creating content strategies, optimising websites for SEO, polishing plans and writing long form content including reports, e-books and case studies.

Red Rock Writing – our values and ethics

We are focused, clear, supportive, enthusiastic and fun.

We are who you call when you need someone practical and productive. We will strategise on what needs to be done and get things over the line for you. 

We are clear: about deadlines, costs, inclusions and what we can and can’t do. We only take on projects we know we can meet your needs. 

We try our best to be ethical, accepting and inclusive. We only work with brands who are trying, in whatever way they can, to make things better. We do our best to ensure all content follows best practices for inclusion and accessibility.

We don’t add stress – we get things done. We support you when you are ready to act.

We work with most industries and specialise in B2C (business to customer) writing. We do not work on some specialist topics, including medical/alt-medicine brands and crypto-currency, as we don’t have the specialist knowledge for these areas.

We are enthusiastic about our clients and what they do. We want to find what makes you awesome and make that clear to the world when we write about you. We ask a lot of questions – because we really care about making your content work.

Not sure if we can help you or what your next steps are?

Get in touch and we’ll help you work that out with a free and confidential chat.