Mark the date – March 2023 content ideas

March 2023 is full of fun content ideas Here are some of March themes: Here’s the video text for accessibility. Content ideas for March 2023 from Red Rock Writing Time to get March-ing – Spring has sprung, there are daffodils everywhere and soon the clocks will be going forward. Big themes this month include: Women’s …

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Graphic reads: Avoid an online crisis A woman sit behind an open laptop, her head in her hands.

Why you need a Social Media Crisis policy for employees

Someone is slating your service on Instagram. Your intern* just posted bad language all over the company account. One of your employees has hopped on to defend you and made things even worse. What do you do? You have a social media crisis policy, and you share it with all your employees, before it gets …

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Content writer or copywriter

Which one does your business need? Not sure what the difference between copywriter and a content writer is, and whether it’s copywriting or content writing that you need? Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. Here’s a quick guide to what they do and how to tell which one you need. Do I need a copy …

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