2023 is so last year -⏰so get ahead of 2024 now.

Here’s what you need to post before the year is over.

It’s starting to look a lot like 🎄…oh, feck this. We’re past the time for puns and cute emojis. We’re barreling into 2024 faster than the gift wrap counter wrapping a present at closing time, and everyone is done with 2023.

Right now people’s inboxes are groaning under the weight of November’s sales and Christmas emails. So how do you stand out? And what do they want to know?

Your audience are probably already frazzled from gift buying, end of year deadlines and a zillion social plans to boot. Here’s how to fine-tune your posts to keep them engaged and excited. It’s fast and simple, and you’ll be back to that tin of Celebrations in no time.

Here’s what to post before 2024:

  • Your returns and exchange policy,
  • Your seasonal hours,
  • 2024 tips, trends and predictions,
  • and the one 2023 post they might want to read.

Selling gifts? Spotlight your returns & exchange policies

Gifting is hard. Gifting for your Dad, who has everything already and doesn’t like socks? Even harder. We know gifts always don’t hit the mark so encourage people by transparently communicating your returns and exchange policies.

If they can see their purchases are risk-free, they’ll be far more confident buying gifts from you.

Hat tip to the always insightful DTC newsletter for illustrating this one well, when they recently posted that Jones Road Beauty saw an 11% increase in revenue per visitor after adding a ‘Returns & Exchanges’ tab to their nav bar. Here’s what they had to say:

It’s Q4, shoppers are shopping for themselves, but they’re also buying gifts for others. Listing your returns and exchanges info upfront and center helps break down any objections buyers may have.

Think about this: if a shopper was looking to buy a pair of shoes for their partner but when they gifted them the shoes didn’t fit, they’d already know exactly how your returns process works. They rest easy knowing the details and you get a happy, educated customer that’s confident in their buying decision.

DTC 423 – Nov 3rd

‘Tis the season to share your hours

This is not the time for mystery – shout your hours from the rooftops. No one wants to fight Christmas traffic only to arrive at a closed shop. Everyone’s interested in last order/posting dates and late night shopping options.

Make sure your Xmas opening hours and holiday business closures are easy to find online. Many people are planning their holiday shopping so make it easy for them to include you. If you have final posting dates or closures planned, communicate them clearly weeks in advance.

This isn’t just about social; think office signage, email signatures, Google hours… there’s a great list of all the spots to consider posting your hours on Carrie Rollwagen’s site, check it out.

Offer 2024 insight – and upcycle 2023’s content

Get your crystal ball out – now is a great time to predict 2024’s trends and offer tips to stay ahead of the curve. Looking forward makes your business look savvy and sparks curiosity in reader.

Not ready to give up on your older content just yet? Give it a fresh spin by updating it for 2024 – often a short edit will be all that’s needed to take a piece of content from “so last year” to ” need to know before New Year’s”.

  • To check for suitable pieces on your site, you can use Google – just look-up “site:YourWebsiteURL intitle:2023”
  • Make your edits (use crtl+f or command+f to search “2023” and pick up any pesky dates that are trying to escape!).
  • Update the title tag from 2023 to 2024, check your meta data is all current and you’re good to go.

Best of 2023 (and thank you’s too)

If you’ve been digging through your 2023 content, hopefully you’ve found some gold. This is a good time of year for best of lists and recaps. Think:

  • Your business year in review – highs, lows, changes, and happy memories. Keep it human – Christmas is a time to connect, not to wheel out your fanciest corporate formalities.
  • Top 5 in 2023 – round-up your popular posts, best events, best finds… People like to know what other people like to know – and adding internal links is good for your SEO too.
  • Thank you’s – it’s the sentimental season, now is the the time to say a heartfelt thank you to the people who made 2023 better, whether that’s your staff and customers, an amazing supplier or support, or your family members for always having your back.

Sharing your highs, lows and bests is a great way to strengthen confidence in your business – look at all the things you’ve done this year! – and remind your customers why they liked you in the first place and signed up to hear from you.

Bonus tip: it’s never to early (to schedule)

One final tip; write early and schedule your posts. Don’t end up crying into your hot port at 10pm on Christmas Eve as you try to simultaneously craft the perfect Christmas post and keep the dog out of the Santa presents. Give yourself a gift and get your 2024 content ready early.

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