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Business Writing Services and Strategy

Do you have an amazing business but no time to write about it? Is your website out-of-date or your social media on a permanent pause?

We are a one-stop solution for content strategy and corporate copywriting. We work with SMEs who want to :

  • kickstart their content strategy,
  • set real goals and
  • create amazing content that connects with customers.

What does that mean? We write for businesses so you don’t have to. Whether that’s websites, social media campaigns, blogs, case studies, reports – if you need it written, our writing service can write it.

Don’t know what you need to get the results you want? We can help you work out that out, and then plan it with you and provide you with ongoing content to support your business needs. We offer writing services on a project basis as well as longer strategic solutions.

Whatever your ideas and aims, we’ll help you turn them into professional content quickly and effectively.

What we offer

Writing service

Freelance content and copwriters for your projects. One-off writing commissions – a clear timeline and budget to get the job done, easily and well.

If your business needs something written or rewritten, from a website to business plan or award application, Red Rock will be your rockstar writing resource.

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Content Strategy

We don’t just write – we strategise what needs writing, and when and how. We offer strategic business writing solutions that combine what you need into a bespoke solution. We work out the way forward and take the next steps with you.

Whatever your needs, we’ll find the content strategy solution to meet them.

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Based in Cork, with a team working remotely through Munster, Red Rock Writing works with businesses who want grow visibility and optimise online presence to get more of something: more sales, new customers, better publicity.

Our services can be engaged at a project rate or bundled into a strategic plan as part of a retainer.  We’re results focused, and make step-by-step plans that work with the resources you have, saving you time and money. We start with a chat, agree on the brief, and then we get writing!  

Red Rock Writing will work with you to make your content as great as your business.

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