The Red Rock Writing process

Our client onboarding process is quick and easy:

  • We chat over Zoom on a quick (free) discovery call.
  • We agree on the brief, including the budget, so everything’s crystal clear and in writing.
  • And then Red Rock get writing! That’s where our terms and conditions kick in.

Ready to rock? Click here to book a call with us. We’ll send you a short questionnaire to fill out before the call to ensure you get the best outcome.

Want to know more? Read on.

Step 1. The discovery call

A “discovery call” is a fancy way of saying we have a quick chat over Zoom.

We’ll talk about your current situation and what you want to do, your needs and goals. We’ll work out if and how we can help you. It should take about 20 minutes – the more you can tell us about your current situation, and what you want to achieve, the more you’ll get out of it.

You can book a call or pop us an email to set up a time that works for you. We’ll send you a short pre-questionnaire – if you can find 5 minutes to fill it out a couple of days beforehand, it will make the call more effective.

Step 2. We agree on the brief (in writing, so everything’s crystal clear).

What is in a brief? The idea of a brief goes by few names – project managers might call it a project charter or summary – and it documents the why, what and how of something that needs to be done.

  • WHY – the business background, goals, why this project is needed
  • WHAT – the project’s deliverables, what it’s creating, what writing is needed
  • HOW – budget, timeline and people, how it gets done

A written content brief is agreed over email. This means we agree on the key aspects, have clarity on the goals, and you know exactly what to expect from working with us, including the timeframes, deliverables and cost.

Step 3: Red Rock get writing.

We may start with scoping reports, such as a content audit, social media health check, or by checking out your peers for a competitor report. You’ll get copies of everything we research and create for your business, as well as the content writing you’ve asked us to do. 

Or, if you have resources such as branding guidelines done, send them on and we can get stuck in. We love reading your marketing reports, user personas and previous SWOTs (no, really, it’s a writer thing), so get them to us.

Our aim is to get the writing you need completed and delivered as easily as possible, and we have a great track record of getting it done.

What people are saying

I highly recommend Sadhbh Warren as a writer. She is a talented writer who possesses creativity, has a fantastic sense of humour, and has delivered high quality work on a consistent basis to meet the required deadlines.

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Nita Teoh, Director Digital Marketing, Perth
Sadhbh is a little gem when it comes to social media and content writing, bursting with fresh and innovative ideas to excel your business or simply tweak your content to achieve maximum impact. It was so lovely to meet with someone who is as passionate about her business as I am about mine.

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Elaine Wilson, SurePlan Financial, Cork
We needed to rewrite our website on a tight deadline. We are very happy with the results - Sadhbh was easy to work with and provided everything we needed on time. If you are looking for a website writer, we would highly recommend her!

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Paul O Donovan & Associates, Cork
Sadhbh is only brilliant at what she does.  She wrote content for our website, material for interviews, and some award applications.  She took my words and gave it a more long boring sentences but witty and interesting ones!

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Charlie Mahon Ceramics, Cork

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about Red Rock Writing?

We write content for SMEs and solopreneurs that gets you noticed for all the right reasons, saving you time and making your business look as professional and good as you know it is.

We have the expertise you won’t get from a Fiverr freelancer and we’re better value than the big PR agencies. We work with your business to bring out your voice, so you sound as good online as you do in person. We help you shine and get seen – to be the red rock people notice in a sea of grey pebbles.

Should I choose a project or retainer rate for writing?

It depends what you need. 

  • Projects are short and can be completed easily with resources on-hand, e.g., a website rewrite, a business plan, or a corporate report proofread and polish. Our writing services are generally on a defined project rate – you know what you will get for your budget.
  • Retainer work is ongoing. It may require additional data gathering, and meetings, and allows for really strategic work on the business’s needs. Our content solutions usually, but not always, operate on retainer. The great thing about a retainer is, as we learn more about your business, the content gets better and the delivery more efficient, getting deeper into your content marketing. It’s like having a dedicated writer employed by your business – at a fraction of the price and without all the on-costs.
How much does content cost?

We’ll work that out with you on the discovery call – by looking at the value the content can add and the time it will take to do it well.

Every project is different and the time needed to do the job well is a big factor. It’s not about word count, it’s about what the words will do. The more value a piece will add to your business (a website homepage or ghostwriting for the national press) the longer we will spend working with you to make sure it really works well for you. 

It’s easier to write 800 good words than 80 amazing ones, and ghostwriting is easier for interview pieces than thought leadership, for example.

Here are some examples of recent project we completed and their budgets:

  • Complete Content package – this monthly retainer is our star offering. This includes content strategy and writing, a SWOT and SEO analysis, and creation of an ongoing campaign, with 2 blogs monthly and weekly social media posts supplied on a retainer basis – €600-800p/m
  • Ghostwriting – 1,200 word feature article based around an interview – €400; 800 word thought leadership editorial for a national newspaper – €800
  • Press release, including press pack creation advice – €250
  • Website rewrite project for SEO – 10 pages optimised or created – €800
  • Social media audit with website SEO audit and high level content calendar/bank creation – €400
  • Business funding plan – 5,000 words, €1,500
  • Edit and polish – 32 page corporate ESG report, including the addition of an executive summary – €400; industry award application polish – €200 (and it was successful!) 

The more branding work you have done, and the more information you can give us, the less time a project will cost. If you don’t have the branding work done, we can help with that too.

What is content and what is digital marketing?
  • Content is information. It can be words, photos, infographics, videos – any media that convey ideas and information to people. 
  • Digital marketing is any marketing activity that takes place on electronic devices such as computers, phones and tablets.

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers through content that appears on. Your website is a digital marketing platform. The writing, pictures and videos on it are content.

What can content and digital marketing do for me?

Digital marketing, done well, is like having a top salesperson who is always online and available for clients. 90% of people prefer to buy from brands they follow online.

Your content can connect with potential clients on demand – where and when they want to see it. Publishing interesting and informative content means your business will be seen as trustworthy and familiar, and gives you a big leg up on your competition when it comes to consumer choice.

How do I know what to do first?

Know your goals. What’s going to make the most difference to you, right now? Choose your goals, and work with the resources you have and to make those goals happen.

Is it expensive?

It can be! A recent survey found companies planned to spend 10% of their revenue on digital marketing. At Red Rock we generally work with clients whose marketing budgets aren’t in the millions. 

The key thing is to prioritise effectively – what can you do that will have the most effect? Do you want copy that sells or content that builds a relationship? What’s the best investment you can make?

Do I need a copy writer or content writer?

Copywriters write small amounts of copy that persuades: take this action, buy this product, download this ebook. Advertising in newspapers is a good example of copywriting in action - short, direct, to the point. Copywriters will never charge by the word.

Content writers create longer content that engages the reader and builds a relationship with the brand. Content helps readers to understand, to solve a problem, or make a decision; blogs, websites, ebooks and articles are written by content writers. 

What sort of writing does your business need? 

  • If you want to sell something right now, you probably want a copywriter. 
  • If you want to build brand awareness and create something the business uses in the longer term, like a website or blog, get in touch with a content writer. 

There is crossover and many writers can do both but most will specialise in one or the other. At Red Rock Writing, we specialise in strategic business writing, which can mean longer-form content and copywriting.

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I have a specific question about writing or where/how to find a great business writer near me.

Contact us, or send it in via email and we’ll try to answer. We might even make a blog of it.